category: Advanced

Stormancer includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind to provide access to low accuracy (city limited) Geo IP data.

This data is available from server Stormancer application through an object oriented, non blocking API.

Geo IP can be disabled in the server configuration.

Data provided

  "City": "Tourcoing",
  "ConnectedOn": "2015-06-09T15:18:47.193Z",
  "Continent": "EU",
  "Country": "FR",
  "GeoIpEnabled": true,
  "IPAddress": "xxxxxxx",
  "Latitude": 50.7167,
  "Longitude": 3.15,
  "TimeZone": "Europe/Paris"


The GeoIP service is provided through the IPeerInfosService scene component, which can be easily obtained from a scene:

var service = scene.GetComponent<IPeerInfosService>();

The data is returned by an asychronous call to GetPeerDetails

var pi = await service.GetPeerDetails(p.RemotePeer);

Accessing higher accuracy geo IP data

Dedicated Stormancer instance should be fully compatible with the commercially available more accurate Geo IP databases from Maxmind. Developpers willing to benefit from them can contact Maxmind. We are also able to add support for other Geo IP database providers by customer request.