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Before being able to deploy code to the server, you first need to create an application on your target server infrastructure. This article will explain how to do that.

All links in the article refer to our public demo server. The same steps apply to private Stormancer deployments using the web management portal or web APIs of your cluster.

From the portal

The fastest way to create an application in an existing account is by using the Web management portal, a javascript application built on top of the web API.

1.Go to the management portal to display a list of all the accounts you are allowed to manage. If you aren't connected, the website will request your credentials or allow you to create ones on our public cluster. On private instances, you will either need to use our online management portal (requires the administrator to be connected to internet), run the application yourself or create scripts.

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2.Choose an account in which to create the app then click the Create application button. If you don't have any account accessible from your account, you can either create one or have another user give you access to an existing one.

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3.Follow the application creation process.

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4.Click on the app's name to access the application's management page, including connection & deployment informations.

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Using the web API

The portal leverages the public Web APIs exposed by the target Stormancer cluster. You can use these same APIs to create an application from script, for instance using Curl. The API requires you to have an authentication token for the account you wish to create the application in.

The API is documented on the web API references. When creating a new application, the body of the PUT request should be an empty json object {}.

See Writing server applications for more informations about serverside code.

See Deploying application for details about the deployment process.

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