Welcome! Download here the Stormancer tools that allows you to integrate the server platform with your game. Before downloading, choose the version of the tools that are right for you.

Server downloads

Portable server v1.5

7zip package containing a portable server see the documentation for more informations

Client library

Unity 3D

Unity 3D plugin, compatible with Unity5, for Desktop, Android & iOS. Unity Web player & js export are not supported for now

.NET 4

Create .NET 4 games and application that connect to Stormancer using the UDP protocol. Single binary for x64 & x86


The javascript library uses the websocket protocol and requires an HTML5 compatible browser


Create C++ games that connect through UDP to Stormancer. Currently compatible with Windows, Linux & Android

Server scripting & automation

The server development library defines contracts and interfaces to create server applications that run on Stormancer clouds. For more informations about how to create such applications, Consult the documentation. You don't need the library to create the applications, however adding it to your project will enable code completion for IDEs like Monodevelop & Visual Studio.


The library is available as a Nuget package that can be added to C# library projects on Visual Studio


Use the HTTP web APIs to automate your server. Currently available as a .NET4 library.

Additional tools

These tools will help you during the development process.

  • Required to deploy server applications: A git client
  • Optional for server development: A C# compatible IDE, for instance Visual Studio Community (yes, a free great IDE from MS. Windows only however) or Monodevelop, bundled with Unity (older version) or available here (newer/better version).