Distributed platform for online games

The Stormancer distributed server and the client libraries enable you to build complex online games for PC, Console and Mobile. We use these tools daily to create multiplayer experiences with our partners and customers. Our work focuses on performance, development speed, live ops automation. More generally, we want to give you tools that will make you more agile and efficient.

Build your games

Server development

You can run logic on Stormancer servers without artificial limitations. Code in C# and focus on your game. The modern language features and our high level SDK make you more productive, but you can customize the engine when you need it. The server modular architecture enable us to add new languages.

Multiplatform client SDKs

User Stormancer with the tools you prefer to build games. Stormancer client libraries are available for Unity3D, Unreal Engine, custom C++11 or C# engines as well as HTML5. More than that, all the supported platforms share the same API. we add support for new languages and platforms on request. Just ask us.

Powerful platform APIs

The server can run in parallel several different server APIs for different server applications on the same cluster in a backward compatible fashion, simplifying update and migration processes. Peer to peer connectivity, game session routing and reconnection are all handled at the platform level, freeing developers from tedious work.

Deploy & manage easily

Automated cluster discovery

Add new servers to a running cluster without service interruption. Nodes are automatically detected at startup, and can be configured for different (or a combination of) roles (frontend, backend, master, management portal)

Custom administration UI

Add custom admin HTML5 UI to your server code. Admin authentication is fully separated from player authentication. Admin authentication can be replaced by your company backoffice auth system.


All management operations on a Stormancer cluster (including custom admin APIs) are REST based and can be automated using any scripting tool supporting HTTPS.

High performance & scalable


Our server platform is built upon a scalable distributed communication & management layer. Adding new nodes is “plug & play”, and the layer is able to securely isolate all the games running on the same cluster.

Fast network engine

We use the industry recognized Raknet 4 network engine to provide the best level of performance for your games. On platforms without Raknet support, we use websockets.

Optimized for multicore

Our server and client SDK are optimized for multicore CPUs. Our APIs are designed with parallelism and multithreading in mind to help you get the most out of the hardware and handle far more requests per second than would be otherwise possible.

Be agile

Add new environments at will

Add a new isolated environment to an app in a few minutes, for QA, development, beta or for a press event. All on the same cluster. Let each run different code base, and/or different configurations. Each environment runs an independant code repository.

Release updates easily

Whenever you deploy a version of your app using GIT, Stormancer creates a new release. We keep your app’s release history, and you can list the last 10 releases. If something goes wrong, just roll back to an earlier release.

Hot updates

When you deploy a new version of your app, your game doesn't stop. New players instantly connect to the new version and your old app is notified, so you can decide how to handle already connected players in a way that make sense for you.

Have choice

Code once, run everywhere

Our client library can run on all major game platform without game modification, from PC to consoles (PC, PS4, PSVita, XBoxOne, iOS, Android). We propose authentication plugins for Steam, PSN and XBox Live, or

Platform independent Peer 2 Peer

Allow Steam, GOG or PS4 players to player together. Our Peer 2 peer system can connect any Stormancer clients, whether their platform and without using platform specific APIs. If NAT traversal is not possible, relay communication can be enabled transparently. However, be aware that cross play multiplayer can sometime be restricted by platform vendors.

Open source components

We provides a range of open source (permissive Apache licence) plugins on top of our client & server SDK, including player authentication (steam/PSN/XBoxLive/LoginPassword), MMR based matchmaking, Game session management, leaderboard and many more. Use them or modify them. We can build new ones or adapt them for you on demand.

Development & consulting services

We offer you our expertise in building robust and efficient online components for your games. We see studios as partners, not only as customers : We care for your games. We want to share your vision and help you build them as smoothly and efficiently as possible and we will contribute as much as we can to make them successful.

Our development rates are comprised between 50€/h and 100€/h, depending on the complexity and duration of the project.