Stormancer is a system for creating, automating deployment, scaling and management of realtime multiplayer games.

Stormancer is a powerful all-in-one solution to build realtime multiplayer games without limits.
Be ambitious: create any kind of game of any size, whether web or native, slow or fast paced, from small multiplayer worlds to complex massively multiplayer online worlds.
Scabality and low latency

Achieve both scalability and low latency

Network libraries support both UDP and websocket depending on client capabilities, Stormancer clusters use a dynamic packet routing technology to allow you to scale on demand.

Run anywhere

Stormancer give you the freedom to deploy on on-premise or public cloud infrastructure, letting you move backends effortlessly.
Run Anywhere
Never Outgrow

Never outgrow

Stormancer flexibility allows you to deliver games easily no matter how complex your needs are, from peer to peer to seamless massively multiplayer games.

Cross platform

Same feature set and APIs on PC, consoles and mobile platforms, allowing you to share more code and reduce development risks.

All-in-one solution for developers

Create your online game without worrying about backend infrastructure

Agile Server Development

Iterate and deploy game code faster in our powerful distributed server system. Write the game logic on Stormancer servers without artificial limitations. Code in C#, or start custom game servers. Focus on your game.

Customizable Plugins

Get started quickly thanks to open source components. Components are designed for scale and extensibility. They allow you to implement online features quicker: chat, matchmaking, leaderboards, etc.

Multi-platform Client SDKs

For simplified intregration into games, open-source client libraries are available for many development platforms. More than that, we can support new languages and platforms on request. Tell us what you need !




Custom Engines

- New engine on demand -



PS4, PS Vita

Xbox One

Nintendo Switch

iOs, Android

- New platform on demand -





- New language on demand -

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