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Build faster

Our libraries and server infrastructure hide the low level logic required to run modern realtime multiplayer games. Focus on your game, we do the rest.

Deploy and manage easily

Never again fear putting new features online. Get up to date information about your software. Stay confident: You are in charge.

Scale to millions of users

Our cloud infrastructure is able to scale with your user requirements. Benefit from every opportunity as your user base grows.

Network engine

We built for stormancer a pluggable network engine which choose the best network transport for every situation. It features a transport based on the powerful and widely recognized Raknet Engine for desktop and mobile games and a websocket based transport for javascript based games and application.

Scalable distributed architecture

The Stormancer distributed platform can be deployed on one or several servers, and support "plug & play" addition and removal of server nodes. It's designed as a private cloud infrastructure and works as a container for one or several isolated applications. The application code can be updated without server restart and rollback is possible at any moment in case of issues. For optimal scalability, our online platform is built from the ground up using asynchronous non blocking patterns & algorithms. Furthermore, our SDK put a strong emphasis on non-blocking APIs, to help you build game that will scale.

Fast development

You can develop applications on Stormancer with the C# language on the client and the server alike. The C#5 async features enable fast and easy development of non blocking logic on the server. Clientside, our libraries are open source and built for easy integration into the Unity3D engine or javascript game engines like PlayCanvas. Finally, we offer open source components like chat systems or lobbies to help you get started. More of them are expected. We are taking suggestions :) (and even help from contributors.)

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Components & features


  • Chat
  • Realtime action
  • Quizz
  • Turn based

Cross platform

  • HTML
  • Facebook
  • Unity
  • Windows


  • Realtime metrics
  • Aggregated data
  • Custom metrics
  • Detailed logging


  • SDKs and web API
  • Local, scriptable tools
  • Instant deployment
  • Full server customization

Stormancer is available on dedicated instances and on the cloud. Instances can be managed by you or us, we are flexible. Just contact us.

The Stormancer Platform as a Service offering is currently available as a preview.  Try it for free and send us your feedback.

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Registration takes less than 2 minutes.