• 10/14/2015

    Stormancer debug window for unity3D

    Hello there! Today, we want to show you our new Stormancer debug window for Unity3D. Most of time, it is difficult to debug messages sent though the network. We used to use specialized third party softwares such as Wireshark to do so. We thus began to thought is was about the time to create a stormancer specific debug window for Unity. This debug window will help you in several ways: By showing you, in a tree styled view, the list of your client, the scenes they are connected to and the …

  • 09/15/2015

    September release!

    Hello there! First, we would like to thank all the nice people we met at Gamescom and GDC Eu for the feedback they gave us. I sincerely wish you all a lot of success in your endeavours. This month we focused our efforts in improving existing features and components and that's something we will continue in the next few weeks. We are a little behind schedule on a few workitem so we will probably add them to the preview server in the next days/weeks. Let's start! Javascript improvements ( …

  • 07/23/2015

    GDC and v1.3

    Hello there! For the upcoming GDC Europe, where we will present Stormancer and a few awesome demos, we worked hard on new features, optimization and bug fixing. As always, everything is available on the public beta server for free, enjoy! However if you need to run Stormancer in production, contact us. All the samples reference the public server. They can run on private instances too with the right host. The 1.3 as been tested against 200k msg/s workload , 50MB/s outbound bandwidth and 1000 …

  • 05/06/2015

    hello world!

    Hello there! The classic way to get started in a new development Framework is to create an "Hello world". This is a tradition I would like to oblige. What does it do? The sample will perform the following steps: The client app connects to a Stormancer server application. When the connection process is successful, the server app pushes a message to the client app containing the "hello world!" string. The client application displays the message. Creating the server application You can get …

  • 04/25/2015

    v1.0.1 released

    We just pushed a quick update to the online platform with a few fixes and improvements. Enjoy! :)

    Cluster nodes now automatically try to restart on fatal failure

    New "FatalError" flag on applications.

    We added a default configuration in case of a missing _app.json file.

    Minor performance improvements on the routing system.

    Performance improvements on application startup.

    Stability fixes

    Sandboxing improvements (permissions are now properly limited to code execution & …

  • 04/11/2015

    Stormancer v1 is out!

    Hello all! If you didn't got a lot of new from us recently, it was because we were working hard on a new iteration of Stormancer that builds upon your feedbacks. We certainly could have communicated more, but the bit's finally out for you to test! As always, expect us to deploy fixes and upgrades regularly. Now, let's see what is included in Stormanver v1. New network engine The new network engine uses Raknet to enable UDP networking for targets that support it (.NET, Unity and soon C++). …

  • 11/07/2014

    v0.5.0 is out!

    A new version of Stormancer is out, try it right now!

    What’s new

    Some new things in this release:

    A new OnConnecting server-side event

    Better error management in JavaScript

    Modifications on the Stormancer Unity Package

    Compatiblity with the  iOS export in our Unity Package

    As always, some bug corrections



    We added a new OnConnecting event on our server-side scenes. It’s distinct from the OnConnect event because it fires right before the user …

  • 09/29/2014

    New website incoming

    We are in the process of moving to our brand new website. And the first thing to move is the blog. In the next few days, you may encounter some oddities in our past blog posts: missing images, broken links and this kind of things. We are well aware of them and are currently sorting things out, In the end, we believe our new web site will be easier to use and a lot more complete. See you soon!

  • 09/29/2014

    Réussir sur les marchés américains des hautes technologies 3/4

    Cet article repose sur la présentation de Christian Kelle et de Xavier Duportet. Grand merci à eux ! Quand on voit les capacités extraordinaires du cerveau, réseau neuronal, nous ne pouvons nier leur puissance. C’est un outil indispensable pour nous, entrepreneurs où tout peut se jouer surtout quand on est “déraciné”. Quand deux bons associés s’unissent, la pâte rencontre le levain. Comme l’indique ce proverbe maltais, la vie est faite de rencontres et d’union. A l’heure de l’interconnexion des …

  • 09/29/2014

    Réussir sur les marchés américains des hautes technologies 2/4

    Maintenant, après avoir évoqué les raisons qui donnent envie d’y aller, évoquons la bourse. Le nerf de la guerre. “Money, Money, it’s a gas…” Si nous avons tous décidé d’être entrepreneur, c’est pour révolutionner le monde, résoudre des problèmes, répondre à un besoin et aussi (accessoirement) gagner des sous. L’agent provient de plusieurs sources : la première et non des moindre est celle de nos clients mais qui n’apparaitra qu’après avoir réalisé le produit. Alors, en attendant il faut mettre …

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